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Jiwi-Daah-Hasa project is about revitalise life in earth and water resources and ensuring sustainable livelihoods for small and marginal farmer families in the most deprived geographies of Jharkhand.


Jharkhand High Impact Mega Watershed Project – ‘Jiwi Daah Hasa’ is a project of Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation ( BRLF, is a independent society set up by the Govt. of India to upscale civil society action in partnership with Govt.) in partnership with the state MGNREGA Cell, Rural Development Department, Govt. of Jharkhand in collaboration with civil society organizations to build NRM based assets following watershed principle for creating sustainable livelihood opportunities.


The program attempts to build capacities of Gram Panchayats in planning and implementation of MGNREGA for a comprehensive eco-system revival based on watershed development principles. Such revival is envisaged to make use of MGNREGA/ wage entitlements of communities in the Gram Panchayat along with effective plan based convergence of other schemes to increase their income, diversify, intensify and improve production, and regenerate the ecosystem.


Such capacities in the community and the Gram Panchayat also help in building resilience to climate change and set pathways to economic growth. The program builds up on the MGNREGA converging with various programs of the Jharkhand Government and Gram Panchayats’ own resources.

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Jiwi-Daah-Hasa program is about revitalise life in earth, water resources and livelihoods in the most deprived geographies of Jharkhand.

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